Liberty Guard Service is a provider of security guard, mobile patrol and alarm response services. With unparalleled quality and performance, Liberty Guard Service offers clients quality services at cost effective rates.

THE LGS QUALITY RELATIONSHIP is based on experience and responsiveness, the LGS Quality Relationship begins with our experienced management staff. With more than 55 years of combined experience, the LGS management staff has achieved a level of excellence rarely found in a regional contract security provider.

This experience has taught us many things, among them are the necessity to establish a close working relationship with our clients and our employees. It simply isn't enough to hire individuals and send them out to client accounts or to sign contracts and merely staff them. WE, as a team, work with our clients and employees to produce the most effective client-tailored services in the industry.

This relationship cannot exist with the large national contract security providers. These are the pillars of our QUALITY RELATIONSHIP.

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